Thursday, November 27, 2008


One of the most important obligations of leadership is to recognize that others are a part of your own success! In the USA today, we are celebrating a holiday that represents the importance of coming together with those who are important to you and saying thanks for the many blessings of life. Mahalo my friends and colleagues. I hope you can reflect on the past year as I have and realize how many of my friends and colleagues have touched my life and made it better! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The High Price of Ownership

Interesting video on the psychology of basketball ticket ownership.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cal Ripken on Leadership

Sorry I have been such a slacker when it comes to posts.. Life had been quite busy lately and I have let things slide. Today's post captures the main points in a speech given at NCSU by Cal Ripen, the "Iron Man" of baseball! Cal's focus for the speech and his book are the secrets to perseverance; something we would all agree Cal Ripken Jr. epitomized!

The 8 keys to perseverance!I have added the questions as my contribution!

  1. You need to have The Right Approach Cal Ripken spoke on the importance of knowing your role and what your primary mission is with the organization you work for. It must be hones and clear! It is what will help you overcome the challenges each day. For Cal it was simple: "Come to the ball park ready to play and if the manager chooses me, play!" Do you have a Clear Mission of what your purpose is every day?
  2. A Strong Will to Succeed is the second key to perseverance. This is genetic, you either have it or don't. It is an internal drive to do things, desire to accomplish things. This energy has to be channeled. It can result in tantrums and negative behavior when things do not go smoothly. Cal Ripken talked about running laps or doing push ups when we was upset about something that didn't go well. How much inner drive do you have?
  3. Passion and love for what you do is also important. Cal Ripken's dad was fond of saying to him "There are too many people n this world doing things they hate!" Finding a job or task you really love to do often carries you through the tough times. It is what makes working worth the effort. How much love do you have for the job you do?
  4. There are just some people who Love to Compete. Cal Ripken shared how even as he got older, he enjoyed the competitive challenges of new young shortstops joining the team. It allowed hime to have a honest assessment of who he was. Are you resting in your current role or are you trying to increase your performance above last months?
  5. Consistency is the ability to adjust and readjust.. to perform every day. Develop many skills, solve problems and find solutions, and do more than just your primary job. Do these on a regular basis and you will be irreplaceable. Remember, and I quote Cal Ripken "In the spirit of helping a team, it is not always your main skill that you can contribute." Ever heard of a shortstop calling pitches.. well Cal Ripken did at one point in his career. What kept him in the game was more than hitting and playing shortstop. Are you reliable, consistent and doing more than just your primary job?
  6. You need to have the Conviction to carry out what your doing. Stubborn in a good way, Thick Skinned when you need to be. He was not talking about stupid stubborn like not going to the Doctor when your sick or selfish stuborn. he was talking about live your life as your values tell you to. It is about seeing things to the end. Sticking to it! Do you stand up for what you believe in?
  7. Strength is the seventh key! Both Physical and Mental strength is needed to survive. As you become older, Knowledge becomes more important, learning is the key. Too many people think they know it all by the time they graduate or get that big promotion. The truth is the big promotion should be your call to learn more and more. Are you a life-long learner?
  8. The final and maybe the most important key to perserverance is how you practice good Life Management. Achieving balance between professional (Managers & Media) and personal (family) life is not only important, but necessary. Engage your boss.. clarify expectations.. do the same for your family. It is about understanding what each needs.Transparency is the key. Even with the media, he as able to weather any and all storms. Do you clafiry mutual expectations with your boss and spouse? Your Children?
One final note.. Cal Ripken jr. was maybe the last true baseball player for lots of reasons. He played for the same team all his career, dedicated to a love the game, and through it all he showed class. There is a reason we all idolize him and it is for all the right reasons. It is a shame we have so few role models like Cal today in sports!