Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Graduation Speeches

This time of year, all the great leaders get asked to impart on young graduates their wisdom. Here are just a few lessons from two of this year's speakers:

Erskine Bowles, UNC University System President and Former Chief of Staff for President Clinton, shared five principles for success to the graduates of North Carolina State University:

  1. Don't promise more than you can deliver.
  2. Do quality work in everything you approach (i.e. if it is worth doing, do it right).
  3. Don't be afraid of change (i.e. change happens so figure out how to make it work for you).
  4. Do your part to add to the "community woodpile" (i.e. have a sense of civic responsibility).
  5. Take time for your family.

Phillip Balley of Earth, Wind, and Fire to the Berkley College of Music:
  1. Never lose your creativity.
  2. Never lose your excitement.
  3. Never lose your pure love for music.
More to come later... Send me good ones you hear as well!

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