Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Leadership in Action

Who was your best teacher growing up. Think about how much this person impacted your life. What they meant for your development and how much success you have today from what you were taught... Now, Imagine growing up with no schools, no safe place to play, and worst, no hope for a life without war. Your teacher never existed.. what would that mean for you and your life.

I want to share today a great story about leadership in action.Allie doesn't know I am doing this, but her work needs to be acknowledged. Great leaders do more than achieve success... the work to improve their community. Allie Russos, a young adult in my community, is an example of the greatness of Gen X & Y. Allie is still in the middle of developing her skills toward becoming a great health care professional, but at the same time she has managed to give of herself at Hospice, her hair at compassionate kids, take several mission trips to South America to help build homes for the poor, and in the past couple of years travel to Africa to help with health and education of some of our poorest world citizens. To top off all of this, she just formed her own non-profit with the amazing goal of building a school in northern Uganda! All this before she is much older than I was before I got a real job.. and yes.. I didn't even come close to giving to one project like she has made in helping others less deserving than her. Leadership such as her's needs to be acknowledge and thus, I have chosen to do it three ways:

  • Blog on her a bit and maybe inspire all of us to be more giving to those who have less that we do.
  • Make a small, but meaningful gift as a jesture of my support. (Done)
  • Encourage all of you to join me in supporting her cause with a small gift and by sharing her site to your friends. A jester is all that is really needed, but if enough of you read this, share this with your friends and all give small meaningful gifts.. we will help Allie to reach her dream of a school in Uganda.. and yes.. reward her through our acknowledgement.
Her Non-profit (which by the way seeks to give every dollar donated to the project) is called The Ubuntu Way. Here is their mission:

The Ubuntu Way is a non-profit organization established in October 2007. Our mission is to provide educational and medical aide to those who need it the most, who are unable to provide for themselves, regardless of race, sex, age, ethnicity, culture or religion. This will be achieved by raising awareness of current situations, purchasing life-saving medications, providing a means for children to attend school, funding and constructing schools and health clinics, providing medical and school supplies along with further educating teachers and health care providers who will work in these facilities.

You can donate at: Donate. Think of this as a great social networking project.. see if you can get as many individuals to donate $10 using their credit card this summer. I will talk with Allie and report back later this year on how successful we are in achieving the goal. And the great thing about this.. you will all feel great, and Allie will build a school for some of the world's poorest children! Thanks in advance if you choose to join me in this journey!

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