Friday, March 30, 2007

Customer "Not" Service

A lesson in what not to do in customer service... and a very good example how systems fail, not people...

I have been on the phone for over 72 minutes with Sony tonight. My new notebook died! No, it is really dead. The lights come on, but nobody is home. It didn't even reach it's first one month anniversary. Sony's response is unacceptable. I have talked to 4 different individuals as they continued to raise the status of my call. The first lady.. I am not sure she has used a computer.. and with each new person, I get a little more help. Course.. all I really need is for them to come fix it.. I bought the 2 year on site repair contract.. Now I am on hold again.. 75 minutes plus now. They are sending me to their contract repair agency.. Now I need another code.. and get this.. it is not on my computer anywhere.. ughh.. they can't help me.. till I get the code.. Very bad service.. 85 minutes and no luck.. I am quiting for the night..

This might be my last sony.....

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