Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sticky Ideas

So your trying to sell your idea.. maybe it is a new way of doing things in the organization? Or maybe you are just trying to get a client to buy a new product? Either way, you might want to check out the new book by Heath and Heath called "Made to Stick." I am just starting it, but it lists six principles to remember when trying to "sell" your idea. Here are his principles.. and my take on them.

  • Simplicity - Keep your message short and sweet. No more than three points.. in 27 words or less.
  • Unexpectedness - Generate Interest and Curiosity. What about your idea if told, would get people to want to learn more?
  • Concreteness - Keep it Real. Loose the fancy words.. say what you mean.. use examples that make sense to all.
  • Credibility - Sticky ideas have to carry their own believability. Paint a picture that established the truth of your idea. For example, "This is your brain on drugs...."
  • Emotions - Make them feel something about your idea.
  • Stories - Since the age of time... we have told stories. Stories about heroes, the times, relationships, and love. Telling stories is how you connect your ideas to people. It is ultimately who you tell a simple, unexpected, real, believable, emotional idea...
These are some great principles. You can apply them to a host of leadership situations. Whether you are telling your vision for the organization, or coaching a subordinate.. you need your ideas to stick.. Using these six principles as a check system just might ensure success!

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