Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Big Questions.. Great E-learning

The Big Question over at the Learning Circuits Blog this month is what is great e-learning. While Learning Circuits tends to focus on corporate e-learning, I think it would be useful for them to see something a little more fun.. So my vote for a great e-learning site is CyberCamp!

Why do I like it.. well it is interactive... it engages you quite well and best of all.. it teaches you important things.. Even us adults will learn a thing or two..

What sites do you think of when asked the question "What is great e-learning?"

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Dave Lee said...


While you are correct that Learning Circuits Blog tends to cover issues regarding corporate learning, you are also correct that CyberCamp is something our readers should be aware of. The pedagogy is great. change the content and I can see it helping in Corporate training. I encourage you to register your post with the Big Question at LCB.

Dave Lee
blogmeister, Learning Circuits Blog