Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gen X vs. Gen Y - Hype

In an earlier post, I raised issues with Gen X and Gen Y stereotyping and taking the hype beyond what the data really says. I was happy today to see that the Society for Human Development has put out a publication on Generational Differences that goes even further than my warning. The publication, which is based on a seven year study by the Center for Creative Leadership, lays out the following on Gen Y:

  • Employees of different generations actually actually want a lot of the same things from their work.
  • Global demographics, education levels, living costs, economic issues, and labor market conditions may have the strongest influence on the way different generations view work.
  • Other findings.. regardless of age,
    • Resistance to change is more about what you stand to lose or gain.
    • Loyalty to the employer is more about your place in the company hierarchy than your age.
    • most employees seem to what security and a balance work and personal lives.
My hat is off to Jennifer Deal who is the study's lead author!

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