Sunday, June 1, 2008

Presentation on Chevron's Leadership Program

"We will no longer be talking about the big crew change. We will have taken the steps needed to ensure that a trained, global workforce and a pipeline of future leaders are in place" -CEO Chevron
Below is an outline of Chevron's Leadership Development System:
  1. The Chevron Way - Business Strategy and Values: "To be the global energy company most admired for its People, Partnership, & Performance."
  2. Defining leadership Expectation through a competence based and defined expectations. Here are the broad areas.. But they define High Impact Behaviors under each of these.
    1. Set Clear Vision Direction
      1. Make Sound Business Decisions
      2. Build a Foundation for Future Success
    2. Engage the Team
      1. Gain Commitment
      2. Draw Out the Best in Others
    3. Drive for Superior Results
      1. Drive for High Performance
      2. Manage Performance - Your Own and Your Team's
      3. Encourage Ingenuity
  3. Aligned all systems (feedback, training, etc) around these competencies and behavioral expectations.
  4. Identified their Leadership Pipeline - Target Audience - Programs
    1. Individual Contributor - Identification of High Potentials in 1st 5 year
      • Future Leader's Forum (1 week program)
        • 45 a session
        • 3 times a year)
        • Selection made:
          • Not supervisors
          • 3-5 years employed
          • Certain pay grade
          • Not Necessarily High Potential
    2. Supervisor/Team Leader - 5-10 yrs - Transitioning to Supervising
      • Supervisor Essentials (3 day) (Supervisors 1-3 yrs)
        • Chevron Way (See expectations above)
        • Coaching Employees; Performance Improvement
        • Self Awareness
        • Diversity
        • Legal Issues
        • HR Panel
    3. Manager - 10-15 yrs
      • People Leadership I (3 day)
        • High Performance, engagement and Retention
      • People Leadership II (2 day)
        • Situational Leadership
    4. General Manager - 15-20yrs
      • Manager Essentials
      • Chevron Leadership Forum (3 day)
        • Open Enrollment targeting at a certain level
      • CHAMP (3 week Residency Leadership Program)
        • Enterprise Leader


Anonymous said...

Is this Exxon or Chevron?

Mitch Owen said...

Chevron... thanks for catching my brain lapse.. never post a blog while listening to a talk.. can't figure out where I got the Exxon from.. maybe that's where I bought gas that morning... :)