Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coach Bill Cowher on Success

“Success doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not just measured by what you do,” he said. “So many times, it’s not about how many times you fall down, but more about how many times you get back up that is a true measure of who you are."

“Success is about finding that thing you’re good at and can be very passionate about,” he said. “Chase a dream, and enjoy the process along the way.”

-Bill Cowher - CBS Sports analyst, Former Head Coach of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, and 1979 NC State graduate.

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Vince Verbeke said...

When the guys were playing defense, alright, and they made a couple of runs at you, and the other guy got a little tired, and you had to say, Hey, we're counting on you! We're counting on you! Don't give me that crap you're tired. You can't be tired!

You know what? When you play football, there's a difference between being injured and hurt. Everybody plays hurt. Alright? And you gotta depend on each other.

-Joe Paterno on Teamwork in his 2007 College Football Hall of Fame Speech

And if you want passion, check out the videe of JoePa's pep rally speech before last game of the 2008 season. Penn State needed to win to become Big Ten champions and go to Rose Bowl.