Monday, December 8, 2008

Generation X & Y Myths

While there are generational differences in workers today, I find too many people claiming way more differences that there really are. Jennifer Deal has an excellent book out "Retiring the Generational GAP" that deals with many of the myths. Here are some of the core principles she shares:

  1. All Generations have similiar values: They just express them differently!
  2. Everyone wants Respect: They define it based on the context.
  3. Trust Matters to everyone!
  4. People want (expect) leaders who are credible and trustworthy (See Principle #3).
  5. No matter how old or young, organizational politics is a challenge.
  6. No one really likes change! (Yes all of us.. some of like making others change though)
  7. Loyalty depends on the context, not on the generation! "Promote me... then I'll be loyal!"
  8. If you do the right things... it is as easy to retain young employees as your old ones!
  9. Everyone wants to learn!
  10. Almost everyone wants a coach.
And one more telling fact that kills the myth of the Gen X culture:

Between the ages of 31-35.. early Xers change jobs less often than the early boomers! Between the ages of 20-25, late Xers change job about as often as boomers.. In 2o years we will know more, but the truth is there is far less to be made about the Gen X culture being less loyal or commited to work!

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