Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Retention Model

A collegue and I have developed a pretty good model for retention through research over the past few years. Over the holidays, I refined the model and came away with a slightly more concise model by combining two of the factors. See if this this gives you a sense of what makes you want to stay in your job:

Owen-Safrit Five Factor Rentention Model

Recruit authentically - Communicating accurately to prospective employees the job's professional responsibilities as well as critical aspects of the total organization's and specific workplace's cultures critical to success in the position

Align - Hiring employees who have substantial overlap between their personal needs, interests and goals and those of the total organization and immediate workplace Ensuring that both the employee's career grows and evolves together as the organization's mission/vision and employee's needs/goals evolve

Develop - Providing support and material resources for the continuous professional education (CPE) of the employee so s/he may meet and exceed professional competencies (i.e., knowledge, attitudes, skills, and aspirations) needed to ensure professional success

Connect - Building strategic linkages between people and people, ideas and ideas, and people and ideas so as to strengthen each employee's internal and external workplace relationships.

Appreciate - Using appropriate intrinsic and/or extrinsic resources to effectively communicate appreciation to each employee for workplace excellence


Mark said...

Concise, to the point, and spot-on.

Thank you Mitch!

Kumar Keshav said...

Very good study Dr. Thank you for sharing.