Tuesday, September 18, 2007

KAI - Wisdom of Hawaii's Ocean

I have a great little book by Renata Provenzano based on the lessons we can learn from KAI. KAI means ocean in Hawaiian. It is amazing what you can learn about leadership from just appreciating the forces of nature. Here is one of my favorite quotes in the book:

"Personally, the biggest lesson from our ocean is to respect it. Waves are more powerful and predictable than I am. They can come up and wipe you out instantly. We need to respect nature because it's so much more powerful than we are. If you're going to go into its environment you need to walk lightly first and learn from it. There's no way you can fight it, no way you can take it on. It can be calm and still one moment and then it can be growling and nasty. I've been in both situations many times."

- Kiki Hugho, Pilot Boat Captain, Outrigger Canoe Paddler, Hokule'a Crew Member, Ocean Man, Mystic, O'ahu.

Whats the leadership message. Think of the last time you joined a team where you were new but everyone else had been together for awhile. The culture and rules for operating are the KAI.. they are powerful and can wipe you out in an instant. Walk lightly at first.. learn the culture of this team you have joined.. and most of all, don't try to impress them with all your knowledge and skill.. less the ocean will rise up and be nasty...

More on KAI later.. especially on "Eddie would go!"

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