Friday, September 7, 2007

Leadership: ASU upsets Michigan

I have been pondering what I could say about the huge upset Appalachian State pulled off this pass weekend. It will no doubt go down as one of of the greatest upsets in the history of the game of American college football. What has struck me is the degree of debate that now is found over the question of how good is ASU? This afternoon, I was entertained by emotional debates on my local radio channel over just how good is ASU? Do they deserve to be in the top 15? Are they better than half of the Division I football teams? All good questions, but also a symptom of our culture that may be holding us back as a organizations.

Let me bring it home to your organization with a simple question: How often when someone in your organization receives an award or promotion, do others in the organization talk negatively about them behind their backs. Is there a culture of tearing down those who achieve in your organization. It may be very well human nature for us to explore the question "How Good is that winner?" when we see someone do well. The implication is not good for building a trusting organization. Especially if this question dominates the culture.

The leadership tip! Build a culture of celebrating success in others. Embrace them and park your need to judge how awards are judged. With that said.. Congratulations to ASU! What a wonderful experience for all of us to celebrate your achievement this past weekend!

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