Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Employees Leave!

Leigh Branham has put together a great book on The 7 Hidden Reason Employees Leave!
I recommend it and have found it very useful. What I like best is he targets things many of us could fix, but we just don't have them on our radar. My favorite is Reason 1 - The Job or workplace was not what was expected. Here are some tough questions you might ask yourself:

  1. Do you conduct realistic job previews with every job candidate?
  2. Do you make a significant percentage of your hires from a pool of temps, adjuncts, or part-time workers who already know your workplace?
  3. Do you use employee referrals and hire a significant percentage of these referred potentials?
  4. Do you have realistic job descriptions with a short list of the most critical competencies?
  5. Do you allow candidate's future coworkers to participate in job interviews?
  6. DO you make a significant percentage of hires from a pool of current employees?
  7. Do you build into the interviewing process a way for candidates to gain a "sample" of the on-the-job duties.
  8. Do you survey or interview new hires to find out how to minimize new hire surprises in the future?
That last question is clear that it is not just what has caused someone to leave you in the past... An even more important question you should be asking is what is causing your current employees to think about leaving?

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