Thursday, April 19, 2007

10 hopes from Virginia Tech

Here are my 10 hopes from the Virginia Tech tragedy.

  1. The families of the victims will find peace in the memory of their loved ones.
  2. The people of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech will become closer to one another.
  3. We will gain insight into the needs and treatment of the mentally ill college student.
  4. New practices will emerge to improve the safety of college students.
  5. We will build stronger bonds between college students and their parents.
  6. We will all be more responsive to the lonely, the outcast, the excluded.
  7. Technologies and practices will emerge that improve our ability to communicate quickly with large groups of people.
  8. Funding for security, student well being, and support services will grow.
  9. Through new education efforts, mentally ill individuals will be more likely to seek help.
  10. This will be the last college campus tragedy.