Monday, April 16, 2007

Max De Pree on Teams

Max DePree lists 8 essential rights that all team members should have a right to expect in his book Leadership is an Art. While maybe not an exhaustive list and you could argue some are close to be redundant, it is a pretty good list to review when leading a new team:
  1. The Right to be Needed (Can I contribute?)
  2. The Right to be Involved (What can I own?)
  3. The Right to a Covenantal Relationships (Will our relationship be meaningful?)
  4. The Right to Understand (What is the mission? our strategy?)
  5. The Right to Affect One's Own Destiny (Can I influence my own destiny?)
  6. The Right to be Accountable (Will I be able to see how I contribute?)
  7. The Right to Appeal (Can I protect my rights?)
  8. The Right to Make a Commitment (Will they let me do my best?)
Leadership is an Art is a good read. I recommend it as a self-study tool in exploring your own leadership journey.

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