Monday, April 16, 2007

Eight Positives that emerged from Imus

Now that the dust has settled on the Imus mess. I think it might be safe to actually try a positive post.. Here are the eight positives that came out of the situation:

  1. We would have never gotten to know these wonderful, distinguished, and intelligent young women!
  2. All of us, especially the parents, are going to be more observant of what young minds hear and see.
  3. Imus had already been evolving... from a drug shock jock to a pretty good interviewer of who's who.. The past week he evolved even more.. all of us can be good people...
  4. Once again, we learned who we can trust, who will grandstand, who really matters.
  5. Just like our momma taught us, we were reminded that it is not just what you do, but who your associate with.
  6. Many of us had conversations in the office and learned from each other. New knowledge was gained, everyone had a chance to learn about themselves.
  7. Despite the crisis, people turned out to donate to Imus sponsored charities last week.
  8. No one ended up on higher ground, except those wonderful young women.. everyone else (on both sides of the issue) got a wake up call that we are all guilty of not doing enough.


James E. Robinson, III said...

The conversation that i haven't seen happen revolves around why was this particular remark from Imus was picked-up and ran with. You could pick out a quote like that from almost any morning on his show. Why this one?

Can it be implied that the networks agreed with all his previous remarks? Of course not.

In the end, the media spun one of their own into the ground. Why? Probably a combination of a slow news cycle of a few faces who wanted some publicity.

What was lost was a forum where anyone, including any media outlet employee, was welcome to chat with Imus, in front of several million folks, about current issues.

Perhaps that venue was diluting the "brands" a little too much?

one can theorize...

Mitch Owen said...

I do not disagree with James' over all point.. a great forum was lost. My own thoughts on why this was different.. was you never pick on the innocent. You can attack the nobles, politicians, and the famous.. but leave the children alone. There is a great book (old) my Mark McCormick called Everything they don't teach you in Harvard Business school. One of his best points is always do something nice for the kids. He has made major deals just because he got a signed autograph for someone's kids.. The new rule is "Don't do anything to the kids!" It was unfair for Imus to take the fall for everyone, but it is a good rule to follow.