Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moodle from an Industry Perspective

We love to talk about open source in the educational community, and as you can see from some of my earlier posts (Check out Who Owns Your Ideas?) I believe in the ideals of standards and open computing). I also believe that as humans, we often do not know what we don't know. Case in point, there are a number of groups that are exploring the use of Moodle in the creation of e-learning systems. Moodle is the leading (IMHO) open source LMS on the market, but it was born primarily in an academic world. While a great place for discovery and innovation, academic environments are not always the best place for implementation. Now I am not against the idea of moodle.. I have used my share of freeware... but it has been my perception, that we are slow to look at commercial solutions when we can safe a buck. It has also been my experience that good stuff costs. The reality of life, is solutions are not always free. So, when I saw a posting by Justyn about moodle on his blog, my interest peaked. Justyn is a experienced E-learning expert with They are one of the leading (IMHO) commercial LMS companies out on the market.. Take a look at his post on moodle. It is perspective we need to hear regardless of what systems we install.

So, you might say.. what is the leadership principle in this post. This one is very abstract.. but over the years, I have discovered that as we gain insight and leadership authority, we lose our interest in divergent viewpoints. We join camps and these camps often isolate themselves from those who disagree. We go to great lengths... develop surveys, consult experts, and yet we still segment our views. What transpires is leaders who make quick decisions instead of informed decisions.. who look to to control expectations instead of exceed expectations... We all need to be more curious, we all need to explore.. To steal a phrase from famous photographer and speaker Dewitt Jones, "We need to find all the right answers."

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