Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kevin Gamble has an interesting post on his blog about two word strategies. Interesting technique.. I plan to use it during my next strategic planning strategy. Check out the original post on the Small Business Trends blog.

Kevin suggests that using tools like may enhance consensus building. I have facilitated groups who could not describe their mission in 27 words after two days of face to face debate. Note: The 27 words rule comes from Covello's 27/9/3 rule for crisis communication (more on that another day). So this is challenging for a host of reasons. But I also know that good process can overcome most situations. Using might be one process tool... almost a pre-strategic planning tool. With the right group ( literates), it might make for an interesting experiment?

Now Kevin's idea of using to get a team together is interesting, but I found my mind wondering to another place.. and another question.. one that Web 2.0 could help organizations to answer as well.. This is prompted also by the excellent exercise on David Armano's blog Logic+Emotion. He took his reader on an visual exercise that explores how companies could allow their customers' to define their brand.. well these two posts come together for me and encourage the question: "What two words would your customer use to describe your business?" ...and could you, using Web 2.0 tools, create a community of buyers who would define your organization using a positive two word purpose. I can think of one example off the top of my head. Harley Davidson has a huge community of buyers, who define their brand and purpose.. They might agree to a two word brand like "Express Yourself." At least, that is what their Rider's Group uses as a rally cry.

So what is the leadership lessons:

Do you know what two words your team uses to define their mission?
Do you know what two words your customer might use to define your organization?
Is there commonality.. among your team? (Team Focus)
Is there commonality.. among your customers (Brand)
Is there a disconnect between your team and your customers?

All good questions.

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