Thursday, April 12, 2007


Every bit of my past 25 years of studying Leadership tells me the foundations of everything can be linked back to Integrity! There are many different styles of leading because we are all a little different and different situations require different leadership skills. But I can think of not one situation when Integrity is not critical. Max DePree, author of "Leadership is an Art," writes "Integrity is one of the preserving principles of the free-market system... it is not a quality that changes to keep those in positions of leadership comfortable. Our media is replete with stories of the consequences of leaders who have failed to hold themselves accountable."

So.. I sit back and watch the media and wonder.. why don't these leaders get it. Just pick up the paper.. any paper, and you will find stories of leadership failure. In many of them, if not all, there is a sense that Integrity was not a high priority. Take the Duke lacrosse case.. I am sure you can see many examples of failure where integrity was not important. We must do better.. integrity should be the first principle of every leader.


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